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Insight Into Digital Shopping

Posted by dan on July 29, 2015

 In the past, many retailers thought digital marketing was only good for online retailers and that is drives customers to purchase online, rather than from truck accessory brick and mortar retail stores. But the facts from Google's recent studies show that consumers are using digital marketing and information differently, and that the right information may actually bring more people into retail establishments.

Google teamed up with Ipsos Media CT and Sterling Brand to conduct surveys of digital shoppers. The information from these surveys show that shoppers gather information online and make purchases based on what is most convenient for them, and not necessarily making a decision based on price. In addition, 42 percent of in-store shoppers search for information online while in-store. A total of 64 percent used search engines to find out this information, and only 30 percent will look up details from a different retailer's website.

The researchers concluded that local stores with a digital presence, could attract more customers if they were to provide key information that shoppers are looking for online. Google and marketing researchers call these customers "Omni Channel Shoppers" that are looking for these six key pieces of information:

1) The retail price of an item at a nearby store. (75%)
2) Product availability - in stock. (74%)
3) The location of the nearest retail store with the item in stock. (66%)
4) Details about local store hours and phone number. (63%)
5) Map showing the location of stores that carry the product they searched for (59%)
6) Availability of related or additional products that they searched for. (56%)

For truck accessory retailers, it is becoming more vital to have a digital presence that can easily provide this information to the growing number of Omni Channel Shoppers that utilize mobile devices and tablets to find the products and information they're looking for. The flip side shows that brick and mortar retailers can quickly loose customers if they aren't providing this kind of information. The research showed that 43 percent of customers left stores frustrated if they could not find the information they were looking for in stores.

For the truck accessory retailer, it's clear that improving the in-store experience with proper displays, online information on product availability and location, manufacturer's information, and related products, more local customers can be driven into retail stores. Given these additional statistics from the research; 85 percent of shoppers are more likely to shop in stores that offer personalized coupons and offers provided in the store, and that 64 percent of shoppers are more likely to shop in stores that offer recommendations for specific products, this presents a powerful opportunity for retailers to connect with consumers and prevent them from turning to the competition.

The studying of Omni Channel Shoppers is not just limited to Google and other major retailers. According to the report, cell phone and network carriers are also very interested in how people shop using mobile devices. According to Scott Zalaznik, vice president of digital at Sprint, 90 percent of Sprint mobile customers start their shopping journey online, but will buy in a brick and mortar retail store.

While this is good news to truck accessory retailers, the importance of having a digital presence by means of using, applications like Google My Business, Google Shopping, Yahoo Merchant Solutions, Yahoo Localworks, Yelp and more. Many of these applications are free or start with a small investment. But retailers need to get on board thinking that the showroom must extend into the digital realm to be successful.


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