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Press releases and e-mail campaigns are powerful tools that are not often used correctly by many companies. Flooding the media and your customer's in-boxes with new product information that's not relevant to them, simply ends up in the trash or SPAM folders.

To obtain the highest engagement from your press releases, DS Media first makes sure they meet SPAM Compliant regulations, and are targeted to specific media related to your product and consumer base. By producing HTML Press Releases, we know whose opening them and if they downloaded an image. In addition, communication and follow-up is key. We contact the media to find out what they’re working on; buyer’s guides, special issues, etc., to best match your advertising campaigns and to never miss an opportunity for editorial coverage.

Releases arent' just for the media however. We can also help you keep your dealers and distributors informed, as well as manage your lists to keep them updated and private. We can also integrate our PR writing and targeting skills with your current Press Release marketing programs, so that your dealers and customers see your brand.

Here's some things we consider when creating a newsletter campaign: 

  • title and headline that lets the recipient know that this is a new press release from the sender
  • Images are at a high-resolution so that they can be viewed clearly and downloaded
  • Content is linked to the senders website page with additional information
  • Appropriate and current contact information
  • Attachments for high-resolution images and/ or PDF format
  • Footer information to prevent e-mail from being identified as SPAM. 
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