Why DS Media LLC ?

DS Media LLC is a unique advertising and PR company that provides a boutique-style of services that blend in well with our client's needs and budget. Our agency prides itself by staying in the background, seamlessly working within your business structure to promote products, services, and provide information to your targeted audience and customers. We work closely with each client, interact with employees, and make sure we understand your company as a member of your team. Our experiences as automotive journalists, magazine editors, photographers, videographers/producers, book authors, and online marketers, has led to consistent results based on organizational skills and efficient networking. This also means we find the most efficient and cost-effective methods to connect our clients with the media, their dealers, customers, and the industry they work in.



Dan Sanchez, President

Sanchez is a 25 year veteran of the automotive aftermarket industry and began his career as a magazine editor. Over the years, Sanchez gained experience in publishing and was one of the pioneers in helping to develop online consumer forum networks in the automotive aftermarket. During this time Sanchez realized that many businesses did not know how to take advantage of online advertising and marketing in a variety of industries including the automotive aftermarket, outdoor, and energy. So in 2007 he utilized his skills to help large and small companies, successfully develop campaigns that integrate online advertising, social media, print advertising, and content to promote their businesses. Sanchez is still active as an author, consultant, and regularly contributes to a number of automotive, outdoor, and new energy consumer and B2B publications.  Dan@DSMediaRelations.com




Candace Wittrock
Account Associate   CWittrock@DSMediaRelations.com


Taylor Vlahos
Account Associate, Video Host  TVlahos@DSMediaRelations.com

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